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Acid attack victim Narendra thanks for support | Riot Rehab

“Thanks to Swati Goel Sharma and Sanjeev Newar for their support!”
– Narendra

Victim of riots, a poor migrant from SC family in Alwar, thanks for support

“Thanks for your kind support!”
– Family of recovering Somdutt

Recovering after assault by mob, they thank for support

“Thank you for helping us recover after this trauma.”
– Kapil, Deepak, Bhaisahab

Acid Attack Survivor Thanks for Support | Riot Rehab

“Thanks for your support in my recovery.”
– Rahul

Support to victim who lost source of income in riots

“Thanks for helping us in our hour of need.”
– Raj Kumar

Rehab support to badly injured riot victim

“Many Thanks to Swati ji & Sanjeev ji for helping me!”
– Bhai Sahab

Father of Rescued Minor Girl Thanks for Support

“Thanks to Sewa Nyaya Utthan for supporting us in our situation & helping us in this lockdown.”
– Kamal

Rehab support to riot victim whose shop was burnt

“Thanks for supporting my efforts to restart my business after this tragedy.”
– Subhash

Support to aged man who lost source of income in riots

“Thank you for helping our family in these tough times.”
– Suraj

Rehab & lockdown support to migrant Sonu, also a riot victim

“Many thanks to Sewa Nyaya Utthan for helping me revive myself and my family.”
– Sonu

Help to Bihar migrants stuck without income during lockdown

“Thanks so much for your timely help for rent.”
– Poornima

Support to Tamil migrant family stuck in lockdown

“Thank you for helping us in our hour of need.”
– Nithya

Support to helpless migrants stuck in pandemic lockdown

“We were stuck without resources. Thanks a lot for helping us in hour of need, enabling us visit back to our aged parents!”
– Prashant

Volunteer thanks for supporting relief efforts in pandemic

“I heartily thank Sewa Nyaya Utthan for enabling me in helping all those families in need!”
– Manish

Victims overcome atrocity, thank Sewa Nyaya Utthan for reviving sweet bussiness

“Many thanks to Swati Goel Ma’am, and her Sewa Nyaya Utthan Foundation team for helping us out of this crisis!”
– Birendra

Caste atrocity victim bounces back, thanks Sewa Nyaya Utthan

“Many thanks to you for for all the support!”
– Lokesh

For emergency medical aid, family thanks Sewa Nyaya Utthan

“I heartily thank Sewa Nyaya Utthan for sending immediate support in our hour of need!”
– Vijay

After distributing blankets among needy, he thanks Sewa Nyaya Utthan

“Thanks a lot to you for sponsoring blanket distribution among my fellow needy villagers!”
– Suraj

Freed from loan sharks debt trap, she thanks Sewa Nyaya Utthan

“Unbelievable! For liberating me and my family from debt trap, many thanks to Sewa Nyaya Utthan!”
– Savita