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Our Work

We gifted an auto-rickshaw to an orphaned young man whose father was killed by cattle thieves.

We gifted a rickshaw to Rajneesh, whose father was killed by cattle thieves in UP.

कैसे हम जोधपुर में विस्थापित हिंदू परिवारों के पुनर्वास में सहायता करते हैं

हमारे संगठन के सदस्य मयूर भोसले ने विस्थापित हिंदू परिवारों के घरों को पूरा करने के लिए श्रमदान किया।

SNUF manually completes houses for displaced Hindu families

SNUF member Mayur Bhosale toiled in scorching sun to complete unfinished houses for vulnerable Hindu families in Jodhpur.

Dharam Sahu was killed by a mob chanting 'Allah-hu-Akbar'

SNUF helps family of Dharam, who died opposing LJ

SNUF offered financial support to the crestfallen family, who lost their young breadwinner to violent LJ mobs.

Minor Hindu boy falls prey to conversion Nikah in Kanpur

A Muslim woman, her parents and a cleric in Kanpur allegedly brainwashed a minor Hindu boy named Nikhil Singh to convert and marry her.

SNUF gifted sewing machine to domestic abuse victim Preeti to generate income.

Domestic abuse victim Preeti gets a sewing machine

SNUF gifted a struggling single mother a sewing machine to increase her livelihood prospects.

Ration supplies for flood-affected refugee Hindu families in Delhi

Monthly rations for flood-hit refugee families in Delhi

Hindu families from Pakistan were struggling for essential supplies in the refugee camp when our team intervened.

Teacher’s Day celebration at SNUF Jodhpur centre

For the first time, Teacher’s Day was celebrated at our Jodhpur centre. Children learnt about Dr. S Radhakrishnan’s life and works.

Janmashtami celebrations at SNUF Jodhpur coaching centre

How Refugee Children Celebrated Janmashtami with SNUF

SNUF celebrated the Janmashtami festival with refugee children at our Jodhpur centre with bhajans, prashaad and Krishna-Sudaama play.

SNUf students praying for Chandrayaan success at Jodhpur centre.

SNUF refugee students pray for Chandrayaan 3

SNUF Jodhpur centre students prayed fervently for Chandrayaan 3 success.

SNUF supports displaced Bhil people arriving in India from Pakistan

Shelter and ration support for displaced Bhil families

SNUF provides shelter and ration support to re-settling Bhil families.

SNUF supported Hindu migrants set up their mobile accessory business in Delhi.

Livelihood support for Hindu families in Delhi camp

SNUF helped displaced Hindu families find livelihood in Delhi.

Roof water tanks for displaced Hindu families

1,000 litre water tanks for displaced families in Jaisalmer

For Hindu Bhil families arriving from Pakistan, Jaisalmer's scorching summer fetches a new...
SNUF helping Hindu families

How we celebrated the one-month birthday of baby Bharati

SNUF gave baby Bharati’s family gift of a roof and essential supplies.

Why cement roofs are a boon for displaced Hindu families in Jaisalmer

Have you ever wondered why the indigenous Bhil people choose scorching hot cities like Jaisalmer...

Chairs and Mats For Children in Sewa Nyaya’s Free Coaching Center

SNUF provides chairs and mats to provide a stress-free learning environment for children.

Free Coaching Centre In Jodhpur For Refugee Hindu Children From Pakistan

Our centres bridge gap in education for migrated children

Resolving Water Scarcity Of Pakistani Hindu Refugees In Rocky, Hilly Rajasthan

Kids forsake playing to battle thirst. SNUF got them water tanks.

We Built Houses For Pakistani Hindu Refugees In Jodhpur After Their Houses Were Demolished

Amidst the violence against minorities intensifying in various provinces of Pakistan, Hindu...
Ramchand with his food rickshaw

We got Ramchand, A Refugee From Pakistan, an e-rickshaw for selling food

With help from the Sewa Nyaya Uththan Foundation, Ramchand found livelihood selling ‘Kabuli Pulao’ in Jodhpur.

Budding Journalist, Who Is A Divyang, Gets High-End Electric Bike

Amar is a budding journalist who likes to meet people, interview them and upload the videos on his...

Woman Who Entered Religious Conversion Trap Through Abusive Marriage, Gets Financial Help To Restart Life 

Lakshmi Kumari hails from Uttar Pradesh, where she lived with her parents and a younger sister....

Factory Labourer Bed-Ridden For Lifting Heavy Weight Gets Financial Aid And Sewing Machine To Work And Earn From Home

Manoj Kumar works as a factory labourer in the industrial city of Ludhiana in Punjab. His work may...

Single Mother Of Two School-Going Children Who Works As Cook, Gets A Cycle To Commute To Work

Shri Haldar works as a cook in residential societies of Noida city of Uttar Pradesh, bordering New...

Accident-Hit Husband Of A Seven-Months Pregnant Woman Gets Crucial Support For Medical Treatment

Rani Rajvanshi lives in Bengal’s Dakshin Dinajpur district with her husband Utpal and a...

Sewa Nyaya Utthan Begins Morning Food Distribution Drives For Daily Wagers

Winters have arrived, and while the season is cherished by many for the wide range of food and...

We Supported An Innocent Child Who Was Forcibly Circumcised

A child from Madhya Pradesh was forcibly circumcised by a neighbour from another community. The...

We Gifted Table Tennis Set To A Pakistani Hindu Refugee Camp

Pakistani Hindus who moved to India with hopes of rebuilding their lives have been sustaining in...

Househelp Gets A Cycle For Daily Commute To Work

Rani works as a househelp in the Delhi capital region. She walks several kilometres daily for...

We Gifted Two Househelps Cycles For Easy Commute To Work

Ranu Burman and Sunita Napit are both residents of Shahdol district in Madhya Pradesh. The women...