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Winters have arrived, and while the season is cherished by many for the wide range of food and clothing that it offers, among other reasons, it is harsh on the weaker sections of our society. Winters are hard for the poor for they cannot afford to remain cosy inside their blankets.

A large section of the working poor class comprises daily wagers, who get up early to assemble at various ‘labour chowks’ to find work for the day. The work could be of loading or unloading of goods from vehicles, construction, or running errands for businesses. 

Most such daily wagers come to seek work without breakfast, let alone a wholesome nutritious breakfast. This makes them more vulnerable than others out on a full stomach. 

Sewa Nyaya Utthan Foundation has thus started food distribution drives for such daily wagers. The drives started this week from two places – one in Ghaziabad and another in Northeast Delhi, which incidentally was hit by riots in 2020.

You can see pictures from one event below. We distributed home-cooked potato and other vegetables sandwiches served in brown paper packets, which also avoids the use of plastic.

Some more pictures:

We plan to have these drives on daily basis. 

You can be a part of this drive by contributing to our Foundation. Link here.

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