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Pakistani Hindus who moved to India with hopes of rebuilding their lives have been sustaining in crude conditions with little access to basic facilities.

Picture of a Pakistani Hindu camp in Majnu Ka Till area clicked by SNU team

Harrowing experiences of their past and a deep sense of insecurity influence these refugees’ emotional well-being.

Our team realises that sheltered spaces for healing can be established through sports.

We identified such a camp near New Delhi’s Majnu Ka Tila. The camp is managed by another social welfare organisation named HA International.

Our team gifted the inmates of the camp a full-sized Table Tennis set. Our team also spent time with the inmates, and taught the basic rules of the game to initiate them into it.

We hope children, and also adults, now have the opportunity to laugh and play together, and even challenge themselves. Refugees can enjoy the psychological and social benefits of physical activity.

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