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Manoj Kumar works as a factory labourer in the industrial city of Ludhiana in Punjab. His work may include anything from running errands for his employer to managing machines to loading or unloading vehicles carrying raw material.

He is about 55 years of age. His job fetches him around Rs 10,000 every month.

Some days ago, he happened to lift a very heavy package while loading a vehicle. He suffered severe pain, and was left bed-ridden for days. After he did not go for work for three days, his daughter (Manoj’s wife passed away long ago), got worried. Manoj told her that he did not feel energetic enough to get up and go to work. That was very unlikely of him.

His daughter was in a fix. She knew she had to take him to a hospital for medical tests, and not just to any doctor who would hand over painkillers. But she did not have enough money. The family are migrants from Uttar Pradesh’s Hardoi district and live in Ludhiana on rent.

She knew a volunteer for Sewa Nyaya Utthan Foundation and contacted us. We assured her help in the diagnosis and treatment. The doctor at the hospital said that thankfully, there was no fracture or serious problem in Manoj’s back. But he must not lift heavy weights anymore. This practically meant Manoj would have to quit his job.

The tests, diagnosis and medicines cost about Rs 10,000 which we paid for. We also bought Manoj a modern sewing machine as he knows tailoring. He is confident that he can make a living through stitching even if the income would be slightly lower than what he made at the factory. He would be at home and earn, and get his rest.

Manoj after getting a new sewing machine from Sewa Nyaya Utthan Foundation: