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Amar is a budding journalist who likes to meet people, interview them and upload the videos on his Youtube channel. He is currently on a project where he interviews news anchors and questions them about their journey in the world of media.

Amar is a Divyang. He cannot walk without assistance.

Some days ago, Amar met eminent journalist from Doordarshan, Ashok Shrivastav, and interviewed him. Later, Shrivastav posted a tweet requesting support from people to buy Amar an electric cycle to commute.

The journalist said that Amar rode his bicycle for two hours to meet him, which left him shocked. Amar did have a bicycle but it had broken.

“Can any NGO help Amar?” Shrivastav asked.

This is Shrivastava’s post:

And this Amar’s post about his bicycle getting broken.

To this, Sewa Nyaya Utthan co-founder Swati Goel Sharma intervened and promised to help.

Amar told us that the electric cycle he needed would cost Rs 95,000. Seeing Amar’s enthusiasm for doing field work in journalism despite being handicapped, we agreed to bear the cost.

Watch Amar with the electric cycle he needed:

Amar thanked us, both in person and on social media.