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A few days ago, a resident of Jharkhand named Prem Das approached Sewa Nyaya Utthan Foundation through social media. Much to our amusement, he introduced himself as ‘Kapil ka fan Prem’.

We soon learnt that he is a die-hard fan of a stand-up comedian named Kapil Sharma. Nevertheless, Prem Das turned out to be a passionate social worker.

Prem Das giving a Divyang a ration kit on behalf of Sewa Nyaya Utthan Foundation

Prem requested us for funds so he could distribute winter blankets in a particularly impoverished village in Jharkhand – Amba village in Khunti area. He offered to carry out the sewa work on our behalf.

We were more than pleased to be able to give respite to the poor residents in the ongoing chilly month of December. We distributed about 150 blankets in this drive. Prem informed us that many beneficiaries were physically challenged. Many others did not have a roof over them.

Prem Das distributing blankets on our behalf.

It was nothing less than a dream-come-true opportunity for our team as we strive to reach to the poorest and the most needy. We hope that someday, we grow in size and resources to be able to provide such families with roofs over their heads too.

Prem has carried out two other drives for us. In Biru village of Simdega district in Jharkhand, several Divyangs were struggling with funds to buy ration. We readily gave out the funds. He istributed ration kits to at least ten such needy people.

Each kit had wheat flour, rice, dal, oil and vegetables that could last a week. Prem carried out the drive taking help from his local friends.

Prem Das distributing ration kits among needy

After the distribution, the group shared a video with us in which a sense of relief could be clearly seen on the faces of beneficiaries. The Divyangs thanked us profusely, and it was no less than bliss for us.

We, at Sewa Nyaya Utthan Foundation, are on constant lookout for self-motivated individuals such as Prem Das who can take our sewa to areas where our existing small team struggles to physically reach.