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Rani Rajvanshi lives in Bengal’s Dakshin Dinajpur district with her husband Utpal and a three-year-old son. Last week, when she was home attending to her child and household chores, she heard a terrible news that her husband had met with a bad accident.

Rani, who is seven months pregnant, informed her parents and in-laws and rushed to the spot. She found Utpal badly wounded on his head, face and legs, his arm fractured. Utpal’s cycle had collided with a car that had fled the spot. With help of her relatives, Rani managed to get her husband admitted to a government hospital in Kaldighi area of Gangarampur in Dinajpur.

Before her pregnancy, Rani and Utpal were living in a rented accommodation in New Delhi where she worked as a househelp in residential societies while Utpal worked as a security guard outside a factory. When the couple discovered that Rani was pregnant, they shifted to Bengal in the hope that they would stay there till the child is at least six-months old and then move to Delhi again. There are little means of earning in Bengal, they felt.

The accident turned their life upside down. The biggest concern was money.

Rani, who knew Sewa Nyaya Utthan co-founder Swati Goel Sharma, called her up in panic. Between sobs, she managed to tell her that her husband was facing risk of life and she had no money to save him. The relatives were as poor.

After listening to her woes and going through the medical test reports, Sewa Nyaya Utthan Foundation promised her monetary help with the treatment. Utpal, who had been unconscious for two days, was taken to a private hospital near Kolkata where he underwent a surgery of the fractured arm and operations of eye and nose. The bill came out to be Rs 1.5 lakh that our Foundation paid for.

Utpal has regained consciousness and is speaking and eating. Rani has thanked us profusely.

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