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In May 2023, when the Rajasthan administration began demolishing homes of re-settling Hindu families from Pakistan, a family was left in a particularly distressing situation as they were awaiting the birth of their baby girl, Bharati.

Bharati (named after Maa Bharati) was born amidst 50-degree heat, scorching winds, and dire circumstances. When the Sewa Nyaya Utthan Foundation (SNUF) was in Jaisalmer, they met her family. Her grandfather, Dhekuram Ji, shared the ordeals that the family faced after they left their old house.

Each Bhil tribal family migrating to India has a unique story of trials and tribulations. These people escaped Pakistan, battling hatred and terrorism, and came to India with dreams of a brighter future for their forthcoming generations.

SNUF gave Bharati’s family a gift for her birth in the form of a roof and essential supplies for their home. On the same day, cement roofs were distributed throughout the neighbourhood. Everyone in the community came forward to help with the distribution.

To add more merry to the occasion, SNUF also threw a watermelon party in the community. We distributed 200 kilograms of watermelons that were enjoyed by all resettling families in the neighbourhood.

After the demolition in May, many were forced to spend their nights on the streets. These families faced these challenges during a scorching desert summer, with temperatures typically ranging from 45 to 50 degrees Celsius.

The intense heat made it almost impossible for anyone to stand in the sun without shade for more than 10 minutes. In these difficult circumstances, families struggled to protect themselves and their children.

Bharati’s Grandfather