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The Shiv Vihar area of Delhi was one of the focal points of communal clashes that broke out in the city in 2020.

Amarpal, who practises ayurveda, had a clinic in the area. His clinic was among the first few shops and buildings that were attacked. Amarpal, like many others, lost his livelihood in the riots.  

Amarpal had shifted to that spot not too long ago. He had renovated the shop and decorated it with brand new furniture. Little did he know that the shiny wood of the furniture would soon turn into ashes.

The rioters hurled petrol bombs at Amarpal’s shop. Everything from furniture and medicines to documents were burnt. Amarpal could do nothing but weep and curse his fate.

We came to know about Amarpal’s plight from our volunteers, many of whom are residents of Shiv Vihar themselves.

Our founders transferred a relief fund to Amarpal. He thanked us from the core of his heart for taking a bit of burden off his shoulders.

People watching the riots unfold on television and reading about them in newspapers from the safety of their homes would never realise how difficult it is to wipe tears of someone whose dreams have been shattered. Nor would they fully understand the risk taken by our brave volunteers to report from the ground and take relief to the riot-affected.  

Our volunteers (sahyogis) have been our pillar of strength, and without them, our efforts would not have borne fruit. Do support us in delivering relief to people, whose lives have been dented by riots, poverty, lockdown et al. 

A year after the riots, our team met Amarpal again. We are glad to share that with help of funds from charities including Sewa Nyaya Utthan Foundation, Amarpal has been able to reopen his clinic. He is doing well.