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Service. Justice. Inclusion.

Food — one of the very basic needs of survival — makes humans do what they do. Many crave for it, several others sleep without it and numerous others simply waste it. Indeed, different people have different priorities and privileges.

We at Sewa Nyaya Utthan Foundation have always strived to feed those who are without the means to afford or access food.

During our food drives at the height of the pandemic, we came across many people who struggled to get two square meals a day. Our food distribution campaigns have helped various groups of underprivileged people, from security guards to cleaners and from auto drivers to rickshaw pullers.

One of our beneficiaries, Sablu Kumar from northeast Delhi, who pulls a rickshaw for a living, spread the word about our feeding campaigns among his peers. These rickshaw pullers were reeling under the effect of the pandemic-induced lockdown. They were finding it difficult to feed their families.

We decided to do whatever we could to assist these people. We discussed with them and decided to meet at Labour Square, where we could distribute food packets. We met the rickshaw pullers at the specified place every day and provided them and their families with food. Many other hungry people also arrived and no one was turned away. Everyone who came asking for help did get help. We continued this programme for many days, at least till the time the livelihoods of our beneficiaries were restored.    

The foundation is extremely proud of all its volunteers who had reached out to these needy and hungry sections of society and rendered selfless service at a time when it was considered safe to lock oneself at home. We are certain that the simple food, packed in ordinary plastic bags, would have tasted no less delicious than that from a top-end restaurant.  

Our campaigns may not look fancy but are always effective. Do support our work so that we can feed more and more people like Sablu and his friends.