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For Hindu Bhil families arriving from Pakistan, Jaisalmer’s scorching summer fetches a new atrocity – a lack of drinking water. After the Rajasthan administration demolished their old areas in May 2023, families struggled to find clean drinking water for their daily consumption. Sewa Nyaya Uththan Foundation (SNUF) stepped in to help these families overcome this challenge.


Jaisalmer, a part of Rajasthan, is a refuge for displaced Hindu Bhil families. It is also known for its vast deserts and hot summers. In this city, many Bhil tribal families from across the border seek shelter.

Due to increasing violence against minority communities in Pakistan, all these families are returning to their original homeland, Bharat. Upon arrival, they have to start their lives from scratch. In doing so, they face many difficulties and challenges.

SNUF is committed to supporting these families and providing them with essential amenities like food, clothing, shelter, education, and healthcare facilities to help them begin anew.

The Demolition

In May 2023, the Jaisalmer district administration demolished housing structures belonging to the Bhil families in Amarsagar gram panchayat. The move was widely reported and criticised in the media. A week later, the government allotted 40 acres of land to these families in another area. However, this land lacked the most critical need for living – water.

Among these families, there were many young children aged between one month and fifteen years, and their numbers were significant. The water shortage was so acute that their bodies bore marks of burning due to the scorching heat.

SNUF intervention

When the SNUF team heard about their situation, they swung into action. We distributed 10 roof tanks – Six 1,000-liter and four 800-liter – to all these families.

The tanks have been of great help, especially to women who used to walk long distances to fetch water. After receiving this assistance from us, all the families, especially the women, were extremely happy and blessed the organization for their support.