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In a heartwarming tale of compassion, the Sewa Nyaya Uththan Foundation (SNUF) gave a new lease of life to a young man after suspected cattle thieves killed his father. Rajneesh struggled to make ends meet and provide for his family when he received an unexpected gift from SNUF that changed his life forever – an autorickshaw.

On March 14 last year, 50-year-old Sewaram Gangwar, who was running a small eatery, was found dead with his neck slashed in Tiyuliya village of Uttar Pradesh’s Bareilly district. He left behind two sons in their twenties – Rajneesh and his younger brother Rahul. His wife had passed away a couple of months earlier due to an old illness.

The brothers used to help him during the day. They would go back home at night, but Sewaram often slept on a cot adjoining the eatery in the open. He was found dead on the same cot last year.

After the incident, the brothers had no option but to shut it down. “We cannot bear to go to the same place every day where my father was so brutally killed. There is an additional reason for closing the dhaba down, and that is security. None of us feels safe to spend the night there or even stay up late for work,” he had said.

Although SNUF had reached out to Rajneesh after the incident with some financial help, Rajneesh explained his situation, seeking a permanent solution to his financial problems. Moved by his plight, the Foundation decided to help him get back on his feet by gifting him an autorickshaw.

He was overwhelmed with gratitude for SNUF’s support. He knew this gift was his chance to start afresh and provide a better life for his family.


On March 23, 2023, Uttar Pradesh police arrested three youths named Munawwar Khan, Mozim Khan and Musharraf Khan, who were hiding after stabbing Sewaram. Police said the murder took place after an altercation between the deceased and the trio over Rs 4. 

The accused reportedly lured the eatery owner away on the pretext of apologising for the fight between them on March 11. The Dhaba owner fell for their friendly talks and went along with them. The trio later brutally stabbed him to death.

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