Sewa Nyaya Utthan Foundation

Service. Justice. Inclusion.

No one knows more about the value of shelter in India than a poor Bhil family fleeing relentless religious persecution in Pakistan. Such displaced families try to start their lives afresh here. But how does a family look forward to a better future if they can’t have access to even basic human needs?

To help them, the Sewa Nyaya Uththan Foundation (SNUF) provides building materials to construct homes and ration supplies.

Many Hindu families, especially from the Bhil tribe in Pakistan’s Sindh province, are leaving behind their livelihoods, homes, and land, seeking a better life in India through religious visas. These communities are economically weaker and highly vulnerable to attacks.

Recently, seven more such families crossed the border to settle in Jodhpur. SNUF assisted them in building houses and distributed ration supplies to welcome them.

Amalakha Ram, Ajit, Gulab, and other families arrived in Jodhpur a few days ago. After their arrival, they lived in makeshift shelters in the Gangana village. When SNUF heard about their condition, we wasted no time providing such families with the necessary supplies and shelter support.

All families were extremely happy to receive the supplies. The smiles on their faces were our reward. They put together a little singing and dancing programme for children to make this occasion more remarkable. All little performers showcased their traditional folk dances enthusiastically.

It was heart-warming for the SNUF team to realize that these families thought of us as members of their own families.