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Many people fled their homes to safer places when the Yamuna River flooded the streets of Delhi due to heavy rains. But, for a group of displaced Pakistani Hindus in the Majnu Ka Tila area, there was no safer place to go. These families could only watch helplessly as the rains consumed all that they had. They were struggling for essential supplies when the Sewa Nyaya Uththan Foundation (SNUF) team intervened.

Delhi Refugee Camp

Ten families fleeing religious persecution in Pakistan arrived in India hoping for a better life. However, they had a rough start to their new lives because of the flood and heavy rain. Upon receiving this information, the SNUF team immediately reached the area. We distributed ration supplies for a month among these families. Further, we also provided health care supplies for the children and elderly.

Earlier, SNUF had provided table tennis for children in this Delhi camp. After all, games are essential for a healthy childhood that every child deserves, irrespective of their family’s financial situation. SNUF is determined to serve and work diligently for the brighter future of all these vulnerable groups.


Since the partition of India and Pakistan, Hindu communities have sought refuge in India from the relentless religious persecution of Hindus in Pakistan. In Delhi, a refugee camp is established in the Majnu Ka Tila area. The families that arrive here are generally from economically backward sections of Pakistan. They spend most of their money on passports, visas and other necessities for reaching India.

According to Human Rights Watch’s 2019 Report on Pakistan, as many as 1,000 women from minority families are abducted and forcibly converted to Islam every year, and the government does little to stop such incidents. After being abducted, these girls are often forcibly married to unknown men, raped, sold off, or forced into prostitution.

It is also well-documented that there are several freely-operating radicalized groups that promote Islamic rule, violent jihad (holy war), and hatred towards non-Muslims in Pakistan.