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In Meerut, Uttar Pradesh, a Sadhu named Kanti Prasad was beaten to death by one Anas Qureshi over a spat on religious comment. The Sadhu dared to stand against the man who mocked his attire. As a result of which he lost his life, said the complaint by his son to the police.

Kanti Prasad ran a shop in front of a temple where he was caretaker as well. The Shiv Temple is located in Bhagwanpur village in Meerut.

You can read the disturbing details of the case here.

When Sewa Nyaya Utthan Foundation’s co-founder Swati Goel Sharma met his wife and sons after the incident, they were inconsolable.

Although people all over social media had demanded the help of 25 lakh rupees for the aggrieved family, we learnt that nothing much happened. We at Sewa Nyaya transferred an initial help of twenty-five thousand rupees to the family.

We believe we cannot bring back the dead but can surely lift the family and reduce their burden. We hope our little help relieved them for few days if not forever.

We at Sewa Nyaya work towards the upliftment of many such aggrieved families who are in distress.

You can watch the video below: