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Sewa Nyaya Utthan Foundation has come to the rescue of hundreds of individuals and families, helping them to stand on their feet and tide over debilitating adversities. Among achievements we are most proud of, is the establishment of ‘Durga Kuteer’.

The grocery kiosk derives its name from Durga, a woman in her twenties who cannot walk without crutches, but still is possibly the most enthusiastic person we have ever met. Indeed, like Goddess Durga herself, the Durga we know and admire, possesses a never-say-die spirit that has helped her to rise above difficulties. Every time.    

Durga used to make LED bulbs for a living along with her brothers Sachin and Ravi in Delhi’s Shiv Vihar area. Her mother is a housewife, while her father died years ago.

Durga and her family made bulbs and sold them at nearby stores. Incredibly, even though Durga had a handicap and could not talk, she used to join her brothers in distribution of the bulbs. She always wanted to go out for work.

Her life was pretty uneventful, but then disaster struck. Both her brothers passed away within a few months of each other. While Sachin died in an accident, Ravi could not bear the loss of his brother and passed away too. Durga’s brothers were like an umbrella for the family, especially after the death of their father. Now, that umbrella was no longer there, snatched away by cruel fate.

Durga was shattered and all alone to fend for herself and look after her mother.  

One of our volunteers, Kartikeya, learnt about her plight from a Facebook post and reached the family earlier this year (2021).

We decided to build an earning source for them. We gifted Durga a grocery kiosk in front of her house. The kiosk was built a little bigger than usual so that Durga could fit into it easily along with her wheelchair. We got it fully stocked. Before opening it for the public, Durga requested for a havan ceremony. We arranged that for her as well.

When riots broke out in Shiv Vihar last year, mobs damaged Durga’s wheelchair. She was perhaps saved by the grace of Goddess Durga. Shiv Vihar, one of the epicentres of the Delhi riots, saw many families being affected. People were killed, assaulted and their shops were vandalised.  

After our help, Durga has been able to get back to earning a living. Kartikeya, who passes by her shop almost every day, finds Durga sitting in her wheelchair and waving happily.

This happiness and sense of satisfaction are what makes our ‘sewa’ worthwhile. We always make it a point to help a family in such a way that it brings about a perceptible change in their lives.

Watch ‘Durga kuteer’ here: